Openfloor provides a space for instructors and entrepreneurs to host classes and private events.

We understand the struggles of starting a new business and we want to take the headache out of the initial stages and make the process as simple as possible.  This way the instructors can focus on their passion and spend more time preparing for their classes. 

We provide the space, online marketing, utilities, maintenance and support at a flat affordable rate.  You don’t have to sign a lease or commit to anything.  

Openfloor is your space to host your classes and private events at a flat affordable rate of $50/hr.

**There is special pricing available for those interested in renting the space on a recurring - weekly basis.   Please call for more information.

the floor is yours...

Our mission is to create a community within the Openfloor studios that provides a variety of activities each week catering to startups, entrepreneurs, athletes, artists and students.